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You swore that this time it would be different, that you'd buy the capitulation. Well, it's time to put you money where your mouth is.
They say you can't beat the performance of buy and hold. Today we go under the hood of the TCP Swing algo & explore where its edge comes from.
Make the trend your bitch with Supertrend, avoid bull traps, never get chopped up again, you might even make your mum proud of you.
Messy divorce on the horizon? Tyrannical government coming after your stack? Time to make your Crypto vanish.
Bulls have successfully reclaimed the 20MA & are on course to tackle key resistance over the weekend. Is third time the charm? We look at price action …
Become an On-Chain Analyzooor, shit on people's price action posts by citing fundamentals, cure your date's insomnia by explaining MVRV vs MVRV-Z. The…
Learn how to identify cycle bottoms and generational buys. Master a simple signal that has a 100% win rate. Stun CT with your Faultless proclamations…
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